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'Beyond the Game' could be a sweet documentary, if you help fund it


When you've got a good idea and no money to back it up, it can be really frustrating trying to get dat paper. Investors often don't see eye-to-eye with creative types like us -- our Cookie Cannon (patent pending) is such a damned good idea and we've yet to find a person with lots of money who agrees. That's why we like crowd-sourcing and, more specifically, Kickstarter.

The latest campaign to catch our eye is for a documentary called Beyond the Game. Ian Santer needs $20,000 so that he can produce this behind-the-scenes look at the culture surrounding the games industry, with an emphasis on "the fighting game community, the advent of the chip tune sound, and the formation of underground art collectives." If you want to help him out, hit up the source link below and plunk down some cash.

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