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Cave and Microsoft's Deathsmiles 2X experiment turned out pretty well


Cave's decision to offer Deathsmiles 2X as a "Games on Demand" title in North America back in May has paid off. In an interview with Siliconera, Cave game development manager Makota Asada said that, as "an experiment," the offer "was pretty good for what we were expecting." So good, in fact, that Asada said Cave would be willing to try this again. "Yes, we do think we might do it again in the future."

According to Asada, it was Microsoft who approached them looking to dip its toes into the digital imports waters. Deathsmiles 2X is, obviously, a sequel to the company's previous shmup, which was offered as a retail disc in North America. "Because our titles are shooting games, language is not that important, so we decided to try it along with Microsoft," Asada concluded. No matter what language you speak, we can all agree things need to get shot -- and Cave is pretty good at that, so kudos to them.

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