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Dungeon Hunter 3 screenshots leak


Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter series has delivered some of my favorite gameplay on iOS -- the second game, especially, has made for some really great single-player moments, and even some terrific co-op gameplay. Sure, the series is heavily influenced by Diablo and other hack-and-slash RPG titles, but considering Blizzard hasn't yet made a game for iOS yet, I'm happy to let Gameloft do it for now. Dungeon Hunter itself is so popular that it's even made the jump to the PS3 as a full downloadable console game.

And while the company hasn't actually announced Dungeon Hunter 3, that hasn't stopped a few images from the game from leaking out onto the Interwebs. Slide to Play found an Italian blog that's got a few pictures from the unannounced title, and they look ... about like what you'd expect: Better graphics, new enemies, and about the same gameplay as before. The shot above even apes what we've seen of Diablo 3 a little bit, though obviously we're not quite looking at the level of polish in Blizzard's game.

That doesn't really matter, though -- if it allows us to hack and slash through bad guys and collect the sweet, shiny loot that drops from their corpses, I'm all for it.

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