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Newest installment of the City of Heroes signature arc now available

Eliot Lefebvre

By the end of the first signature arc for City of Heroes, one of the game's signature heroes from the Freedom Phalanx will be dead. But we're not even quite at the halfway point, as the third part has just been released to the Paragon Market. VIP subscribers, of course, get access to the arc for free. This installment sees Marshal Blitz of the Rogue Arachnos faction calling for a truce between heroes and villains... but is he genuine, or just trying to get Statesman's daughter into a vulnerable spot?

If the new installment of the arc isn't your speed -- perhaps you don't have a character at or about level 30 -- there are also a few more toys in the Paragon Market, including a steep discount on the Temporal Manipulation powerset and a few low-level Enhancement sets. But if you've been following the story, you'll probably want to buy the arc -- or if you're a subscriber, just log in and start checking out the newest part.

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