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Rumor: Factor 5's Animal Wars revealed, possible Turrican reboot


It's been a few years since Factor 5 shut down its US operations and now it would appear we're getting a look at some of the shuttered studio's projects underway right until the end. Remember Superman? That wasn't all the company was working on, if this thread on NeoGAF is legit.

Some leaked concept art of what is being called a "Beaver Pioneer" and some nondescript robot appeared on the site -- later in that same thread, a poster claiming to be an ex-Factor 5 employee called the game Animal Wars. It supposedly "played like Warhawk," pitting animals against each other in a WWII-themed setting. How novel.

Perhaps more interesting is the concept art of a lone white robot, what some in the thread are saying is from a Turrican reboot that was in the works at Factor 5, but there doesn't appear to be enough evidence to effectively conclude as much. As of right now, it seems the closest we have to a real Turrican reboot is Hurrican.

[Image credit: NeoGAF]

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