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Skyrim is getting a day one patch, more DLC than you can shake a giant sword at


For those of us currently slaying dragons in the frigid realm of Skyrim, pushing ever towards the review embargo this Thursday and launch thereafter, a game patch was spotted upon initial startup. Bethesda reps tell reviewers that the patch "fixes some minor stability and quest progression issues," and that it will be received automatically by players on day one.

If fixes to "minor stability and quest progression issues" don't get you excited, perhaps the prospect of "bigger and more substantial" downloadable content will, as teased by Bethesda creative lead Todd Howard earlier this week. "We're not going to do be doing a lot of it. Our high-level thinking is that there'll be not as many," he told Wired, before he explained the company's Fallout-esque approach to Skyrim's DLC. "We'll start hitting on everything after vacation," Howard added. Looks like we'll just have to busy ourselves with infinite dragons in the meantime. Darn.

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