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Take-Two earns $107m in second fiscal quarter, thanks to L.A. Noire

Take-Two Interactive recently released its financial figures for the second quarter of the 2012 fiscal year, boasting "better-than-expected" net revenue of $107 million. That figure -- driven largely by L.A. Noire and MLB 2K11 sales -- pales in comparison to the company's $245 million in earnings from the same period last year. Of course, that period last year had Civilization 5, Mafia 2 and Red Dead Redemption on the docket, so there's that.

Despite the surprise upswing, Take-Two didn't revise its expectations for the entire fiscal year, during which it hopes to earn around $1 billion in revenue. Though they didn't explicitly say so, we're assuming they've revised expectations for whichever quarter Grand Theft Auto V will launch in to "three bajillionty dollars."

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