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Xbox Live Beacons and other new social features incoming to


Microsoft has posted that the website is getting an update "in the coming days" that will remove the "My Xbox" frontpage currently there now, and replace it with a "Social" section to make use of the "Beacons" feature eventually making its way to the console. Beacons are a way to mark which games you're currently playing or want to play, and are supposed to encourage you and your friends to set up times to play together on Xbox Live. Players will be able to set up three Beacons at a time, and add an additional comment as well, like "between 7-9pm PST" or "Horde mode only."

The website update will also make use of the "Metro" setup coming to the console's dashboard, and of course allow for access to the usual actions like redeeming codes, messaging friends and checking out their profiles, or browsing for and purchasing Xbox Live titles.

Officially, the console's Dashboard Update is still scheduled for a "Holiday 2011" release, though previous reports have placed it sometime right around Thanksgiving. With this update coming to the website as soon as next week, however, it's a good bet the console update is also close at hand.

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