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Daily iPhone App: Dungeon Defenders Second Wave


Today's spotlight is a bit of an anomaly. We've already highlighted Dungeon Defenders in this space, when it was first released on iOS. But the current iteration of the game, called Second Wave, is worth highlighting again: It's been almost completely overhauled in terms of graphics, game elements, and even gameplay. Since the title first showed up on Apple's platform, it's been released as a console game as well, and a lot of those improvements have come back to iOS.

The game still offers up some really interesting tower defense combined with hack-and-slash gameplay, but since the first title came out, the graphics have gotten a nice update, everything runs generally smoother, and the game's interface and controls work better than ever. There's also a new Arena PvP mode, the level cap has been boosted up to 80, and there's even a new campaign level to play through as well. In short, this is almost a sequel -- plenty of the content remains the same, but this game, which was already pretty good before, is better than ever.

You can pick it up in a universal version for just US$2.99, which is a fraction of the price on consoles. Especially if you have an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2, I really recommend it -- you won't find a more interesting mix of these genres around.

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