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Droid 4 makes a cameo in Verizon systems, preps for its big debut


No cellphone is more closely associated with the Droid brand than, well, the Droid. The line of QWERTY sliders that truly ushered in the Android revolution hasn't changed much over the years. The aesthetics have been softened, the keyboards continuously improved and the specs have been bumped to match current gen standards. But, only six months after the Droid 3 hit shelves, it looks like Motorola and Verizon are looking to refresh the series once again. We first caught a glimpse of the redesigned Droid 4 only a few weeks ago, but it seems like the handset is closer to launch than we might have guessed. The chinless, angular LTE phone has started popping up in various Verizon systems, indicating it could arrive in as little as one month -- roughly the time between the Xoom 2 showing up in the carrier's internal databases and its expected release date. Check out one more image after the break.

Droid 4

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