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Firefall dev update talks beta progress, testing schedules

Jef Reahard

Wondering how Firefall is progressing as we inch closer to the end of the year? Wonder no more, as a new Red 5 dev blog sheds a bit of light on what's happening with everyone's favorite cel-shaded MMO shooter.

The dev team is currently focused on Firefall's open world experience, and said functionality is currently at the center of "a huge push for us this month," Red 5 says.

The dev blog also makes mention of the relatively limited access to beta, and says that players shouldn't worry if they haven't received invites yet. "It is definitely not a demo of the game. There are many times where testing is nothing but repeatedly banging your head against a wall while we watch the log files," Red 5 explains. The devs also plan to roll out more beta invites as infrastructure allows, with the process stretching "all the way into next year."

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