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Huge Apple memorabilia collection up for auction on eBay


TUAW reader Kray Mitchell sent along a link to let us know he's posted a whole bunch of his collection of Apple memorabilia from over the years on eBay, and even if you don't have the cash to pick up this stuff at all, it's at least interesting to browse through it. He's got an original Newton MessagePad up there to look at, a box of those Apple playing cards that we've seen before, lots of promo materials like this original iMac poster, and even a ... Service Award for the PowerBook team from 1991? Huh.

If nothing else, it's a pretty interesting walk through some of Apple's history. We can't vouch for the prices on any of these things (the playing cards are already up to $100 and might go even higher), but just getting the chance to see some of this stuff after almost 20 years now is pretty cool.

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