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Rockstar's Dan Houser still cold on 3D

Justin McElroy

As Max Payne reinvents himself for the modern generation, don't expect him to lean too hard into the brave new world of 3D. Rockstar's Dan Houser told Variety he's still unimpressed with the tech (even if it's possible Max Payne 3 will include it on PC).

"I don't think anyone has solved the riddle of how you make 3D an integral part of the gaming experience," he told the publication.

We'd like to take a moment here to take a firm stance in favor of utterly non-integral gaming innovations. Isn't that the whole point of 3D, sort of a George Mallory on Everest "Because it's there" type thing? We want to say here and now that the moment 3D has a purpose, we're gonna start pushing for 4D, and just wait until you see the glasses you'll need for that.

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