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A new invasion is hitting Star Trek Online's test server

Eliot Lefebvre

There has never been a shortage of stories about the Borg assimilating a culture, but it's rare for the race to actively invade a planet. But that's exactly what's happening on Star Trek Online's test serve: Defera undergoing a large-scale invasion by the Collective. Players in both the Federation and the KDF are tasked with fighting back against the Borg in a variety of different settings across the planet to help test out this new large-scale event.

Running for two hours once started, the event is currently being activated frequently enough so that players can consistently test all of the new elements introduced. If simply taking part in the push to prevent the Borg from getting a foothold isn't enough, the event also offers players new items as mission rewards, drops, and craftables. It should be an interesting event for players to explore in full on the test server, and it serves as another example of the game taking the war against the Borg up another notch.

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