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Finally, Decide-o-tron features Joystiq editors' top picks

Ever wondered what your favorite video game journalists would classify as their favorite (semi-recent) games and, if so, which order they would be placed from one to ten? Us too! And the same evidently goes for the chaps at Penny Arcade, whose Decide-o-tron iOS app offers just such insight.

The Decide-o-tron is a database app, used to catalog the games you have (Library), the games you want (Wishlist), and the games you don't know you want yet. That's where the Celebrity Lists feature comes in. You can see both Justin and I's top three games above, but where does WarioWare: Twisted land and on whose list? And what about Evidence: The Last Ritual? There's only one way to find out, and it's at that Source link just below for the fair market price of $0.

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