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Google and iCloud calendars don't play nicely together


So far, most of the buzz on Apple's iCloud service has been overwhelmingly positive -- I haven't seen any outages or had any issues myself so far. But it's not all unicorns and rainbows: ReadWriteWeb has tackled one of the more problematic issues with the service so far, which is trying to hook it up to Google Calendar. iCloud syncs with iCal just fine, but apparently it doesn't play quite so nicely with Google's Calendar service.

Of course, this being an Apple device (and a calendar service), there are plenty of other solutions for doing what you need to do, the most basic of which would be to just log into your Google Calendar from your iPhone or iPad's Safari browser. And I actually do have my Google Calendar synced up through iCloud on my iPad, but as the RWW post says, it's "a fiddly process."

Could it be easier? Yes indeed, partly because Apple and Google don't want to work together that closely over services that they may see as competitive. Despite having this inconvenience I think iCloud is still a pretty impressive service. Hopefully future iterations of iCloud will let the various services we use connect quicker and more easily.

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