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NBA Jam and Payday top October PSN sales


We get it: every October, it's all about basketball and bank robberies for us, so naturally the top-grossing games on PSN for the month revolve around similar subject matter. The PlayStation Blog reports that the two top games purchased and installed in October are NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and Payday: The Heist in first and second place, respectively.

Taking third place was the re-release of Crysis, followed by Chrono Trigger and Resident Evil 4 HD. Also, we're glad to see Odin Sphere debut in the charts at number 15 -- you may recall, its release is part of the "Only on PlayStation Network" campaign where select PS2 games were given new life as PSN titles. We're all for older games (especially good ones) finding a new audience!

You can see the full list of October's top-earners through the source link below. Just try not to flip out too much when you see Real Steel rank higher than God Hand.

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