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New Guild Wars 2 demo build brings changes to UI, character creation, and more

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

ArenaNet has had an exciting week -- the developer is in attendance at G-Star in Korea to show off the demo of Guild Wars 2. As with any game in development, GW2 is in a constant state of change as the team continues testing and improving. G-Star attendees were treated to the very latest build, and some of the ArenaNet developers put together some information about that build for those unable to attend the convention.

Eric Flannum, joined by Character Artist Team Lead Aaron Coberly and UI Artist Vicki Ebberts, ran down the changes in the newest ArenaNet blog entry. Character customization and creation got some improvements, and Aaron provides a detailed video to show them off. Vicki talked over the new "big beefy UI" as a response to feedback the team has received, and Eric wrapped up with some exciting details about changes to skill acquisition. Weapon skills will continue to be unlocked by using the weapon, but healing, utility, and elite skills will now be unlocked with skill points. "Skill points can be acquired by undertaking what we call a skill challenge. There are 200 skill challenges in the game, and they range from defeating tough opponents, to answering riddles, to drinking a particularly potent drink."

There are many more details -- and the promise of more to come tomorrow -- at the ArenaNet blog, so head there for the full blog entry!

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