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Samsung outs pink Galaxy S II and limited edition Galaxy Tab 10.1, plays up battle of the sexes


While some manufacturers play coy with their gender marketing plans (*cough* the Rhyme *cough*), others make no pretense about pandering straight to the sexes. Cue Samsung with two distinct South Korea-only Android offerings for both guys and dolls -- a Galaxy S II painted in pink and a Lions special edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 for baseball fans. Sammy's issuing a limited production run of the popular Honeycomb slate to commemorate its team's Korea Series Championship win, and will pack an autographed ball and jersey in the box. As for that GS II in pinkalicious clothing, well, that's all you ladies are getting -- same beefy specs, same beefy screen and absolutely no charm dongle. These changes may be only skin-deep, but for the swag and style-obsessed alike, it's still nice kit if you can get it.

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