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WoW Moviewatch: It's Not Quite Illegal Danish #1


Myndflame is back with a new series titled It's Not Quite Illegal Danish. This is the first episode, so Myndflame invited Wowcrendor to join him, reprising the Gnomish role of Sproodle. Dirti G and Sproodle set out in the Eastern Kingdoms to reach that elusive level 4.

This is what Myndflame said about the conception of It's Not Quite Illegal Danish:
This series is not meant to replace Illegal Danish, but to provide a faster alternative to long, complex Machinima movies by focusing on short stories and character development featuring everyone's favorite Illegal Danish personalities that can be captured entirely in-game.

That's not all Myndflame has been doing lately, though. Check out his latest Battle of the Blues, part of his Epic Blue Time series. Myndflame's hit an amazing stride with these videos, producing some incredibly funny videos. Epic Blue Time is definitely worth the time to watch.
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