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Class adjustment philosophy previewed for Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

The next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV has been discussed in broad strokes, but the upcoming changes for said patch have only just started to be revealed. Today saw the unveiling of the abstract for patch 1.20's class revisions, aimed at making each class more unique and interesting to play without changing the fundamental cross-class system in place. To this end, every class will see significant overhauls, and the Armoury system as a whole will be undergoing some streamlining.

Among the bigger changes is the abolition of the current system for setting actions, replaced by a much more straightforward setup. All class actions will be automatically added to a players' bars, with players able to equip more actions from other classes as they increase in level. Traits are also being revised to be class-exclusive and automatic, helping to differentiate the classes as you obtain more via leveling. The full rundown is even more extensive, but it looks to be aimed at keeping classes more fun as a whole in future updates.

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