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Phil Schiller gets a new title at Apple


As first spotted by TheNextWeb, Phil Schiller has a new title at Apple. Previously he was the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, but now Apple's Executive Profiles page and Schiller's own bio state his title as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.

As TheNextWeb points out, the dropping of "Product" in the title could be be nothing other than semantics. However, it could also mean that Schiller's role at Apple has shifted a little. It's possible he is assuming some of the role left vacant by Ron Johnson, Apple's former head of retail, who has yet to be replaced.

Or maybe Schiller just doesn't like the word "product." Other than the title change, his official bio hasn't been altered to reflect any new duties at Apple. This means that if any changes to his duties did happen they are probably still relatively minor, especially since Apple didn't issue any kind of press release or investors note about the title change.

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