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Retail training video shows Apple Store behind the scenes


Here's your chance to get a humorous behind-the-scenes look at an Apple retail store. The employee-made video is an entertaining look at Apple's Steps of Service which are introduced during a new employee's Core Training. The first five steps according to the video spell out APPLE:

  • A – Approach the customer with a "warm welcome"
  • P – Position, Permission, Probe - Tell the customer what you want to do, ask permission, and then ask them questions to determine their needs.
  • P – Present the appropriate product solution that fits their needs.
  • L – Listen to their concerns.
  • E – End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.

The video is a rare look at Apple's closely guarded retail polices. Other official training videos reportedly exist, but they have never leaked out like this. According to a Macrumors commenter, this particular video was filmed after hours by employees and was shown once at a store meeting. It was left to die on the Internet until Macrumors stumbled upon it and brought it back to life.

[Via ifoapplestore]

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