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Claustrophilia is an adorable game about being crushed to death


Many of our favorite geek heroes have been in situations where they were almost -- and we mean almost -- squashed to a juicy, pancake-y death. Luke, Han, Leia and Chewy were half-recycled, Indiana Jones has been inches away from rolling-pinnings and de-limbings on numerous occasions, and Bilbo was just about squished into troll jelly that one time. And now it's our turn!

Claustrophilia, the second, less artsy-fartsy title from iCarus dev, Sir Realism, dares you to dodge sliding blocks of death in a game that looks as fun as it is frustrating. Claustrophilia offers 7 different game modes, local two-player matches and confetti. Snag it now for $5, if you're quick enough.

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