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The Daily Grind: Have you ever attended an in-game funeral?


During the roleplaying heyday of Star Wars Galaxies, I attended a funeral for another character. His player was calling it quits and wanted to send off the toon in the most dramatic way possible: by asking his friends to eulogize his avatar in a Coronet park. (Of course, when he returned under the same name a few months later, the effect was somewhat diminished.)

Other players hold funerals for players who have passed away in the real world. In some games -- Ultima Online comes to mind -- players are deeply respectful, and devs sometimes get involved too, inserting permanent shrines of remembrance in the game. In other games (we're looking at you, World of Warcraft), funeral-crashers and social miscreants have infamously ruined more than one somber occasion.

How about you? Have you ever attended (or held) an in-game funeral, RP or otherwise?

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