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Valve offers Heavy outfit for Saints Row: The Third pre-order


To be a generic character in Team Fortress 2 nowadays is a constant humiliation, we're sure. But if you're a Heavy kinda guy -- er, rather, you like to play as the Heavy in Team Fortress 2 -- then you may wish to know about the gear that sparkly chap above is rocking.

Valve's skills of synergy have culminated in a new Saints Row-themed Heavy outfit. If one were to, say, pre-order Saints Row: The Third on Steam, then, say, their Heavy could wear a diamond-encrusted Luchador mask and wield giant, diamond-encrusted boxing gloves in Team Fortress 2. Actually, that's exactly what Valve is saying. That's the deal. That's exactly how this works.

Oh, we forgot to mention the tasteful sweater vest, too. You know, in case all of those diamonds didn't properly convey the classiness of this ensemble.

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