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We wish The Crovel was in every game

Jordan Mallory

It's fairly normal to see things in video games and wish that they existed in real life (gravity gun, ASHHPD, etc) but it's not every day that the opposite happens, where we come across something so ingenious that our favorite gaming heroes seem woefully ill-equipped in comparison.

See, ever since we found out about The Crovel (pronounced crow-vel, like a crowbar-shovel), we can't stop daydreaming about all the different ways we'd like to slaughter hundreds and hundreds of zombies/orcs/demons with its various points and edges. Designed as a multi-purpose survival tool, The Crovel combines a spade, a sharpened edge for machete-style hacking, a serrated edge for saw-style sawin', a hammerhead for blunt-force trauma hammering, and a crowbar claw for good measure.

For added Batman utility, the rope wrapping the handle can be unspooled for use as a tourniquet, or to transform the device into a grappling hook. The end of the handle can also be capped by an optional "Z Spike" for stabbing; it's basically the greatest makeshift anti-horde device ever created.

Look, we know this isn't strictly video-game related, but it's awesome, and the only way we're going to see The Crovel in the next Valve or Irrational Games title is if we raise public awareness. Make it happen, developers.

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