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DICE plans to fix Battlefield 3's magic tactical light


While playing Battlefield 3, have you ever been killed by what appears to be a magical floating light, perhaps some omnipotent deity? Chances are you were actually gunned down by someone using a very powerful flashlight attachment, known simply as the "tactical light." We knew DICE was planning to reduce the light's effectiveness, but now DICE core gameplay designer Alan Kertz has tweeted some screens to illustrate the changes, which you can see above.

Speaking on Don't Revive Me Bro podcast (9:25), Kertz explained that the change is the result of "direct community feedback." It seems that many players find the godlight to be "negatively affecting their gameplay experience" and, thus far, the response to the images has been "overwhelmingly positive." We'll have to take him at his word because, frankly, our retinas are still adjusting.

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