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Feel the fury of retailer-exclusive Asura's Wrath bonuses [update]


The choice of where to purchase Asura's Wrath may not have religious significance in the strictest sense, but it will certainly affect Asura's outsized battle against the gods. Both Amazon and Best Buy will confer gameplay bonuses with pre-orders of the game.

Amazon pre-orders will get the "Devastator Pack," which reduces damage and fills the "Unlimited Rage Gauge" more quickly. Best Buyers get the "Infinity Pack," offering the ability to recover from overheating more quickly, and spend more time in "Unlimited Rage."

GameStop's bonuses don't alter your performance in-game at all, instead offering you something to look at on breaks from the game. Pre-orders will include a "combination art and comic book" by Penny-Arcade, half devoted to concept art, and half devoted to Penny-Arcade comics about Asura "and how he would deal with everyday situations."

Update: Trailers for the Infinity Pack and Devastator Pack are available after the break.

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Your favorite cyborg-demigod, Asura, is heading to North America soon. To help ease your relentless rage while you wait for its release on February 21, 2012, we are here to fill you in on what pre-order customers in North America can expect to receive and present you with the unveiled package art.
Fans who pre-order Asura's Wrath at will earn the Devastator Pack. This includes two additional gauges in the game that allow the player to reduce damage taken by Asura, and fill his Unlimited Rage Gauge faster.
Best Buy
The Infinity Pack will be the reward for pre-ordering at Best Buy. Featuring the Extinguisher Mode and Zealot Mode, the Infinity Pack gives players the ability to recover more quickly from overheating due to heavy attacks and prolongs the player's time in Unlimited Rage Mode.
Those who pre-order Asura's Wrath at GameStop will receive an exclusive combination art and comic book. Written and illustrated by the crew at Penny Arcade, the Asura's Wrath comic book takes a hilarious "what if" look at Asura and how he would deal with everyday situations. The flipside of the book features a collection of concept art straight from the developers at CyberConnect 2. With illustrations of the Asian mythology and Sci-Fi inspired universe that makes Asura's Wrath truly unique, the Asura's Wrath art and comic book is sure to please any fan.

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