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Galaxy Nexus headed to Bell and Virgin Mobile in Canada, Three in the UK (update: Rogers too)


We expect there will be more to come, but you can now officially add at least three more carriers to the list confirmed to be offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Those include Bell and Virgin Mobile in Canada, and Three in the UK, which joins O2 as a confirmed carrier for the flagship Ice Cream Sandwich phone across the pond. The two Canadian carriers aren't offering a firm release date or pricing details just yet -- though they're happy to take your email address and keep you posted -- but Three lists an off-contract price of £499.99 (or just under $800) and is promising "earliest delivery" by November 18th.

Update: You can now add one more to that list -- Rogers has confirmed on Twitter that it will be offering the Galaxy Nexus in January. Reservations start tomorrow.

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