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Orcs Must Die done with DLC, dev working on two new projects


The latest episode of the Rocket Jump podcast contains more than its usual banter between the hosts. Special guest Justin Korthof, Community Manager at Robot Entertainment, drops by to talk about the studio's recent release, Orcs Must Die. In the discussion, he confirms that there isn't any more DLC planned for the game. Apparently Robot set out to offer two different DLC packs and that's it. Bummer.

But that doesn't mean the studio is kicking back in Hawaii, counting the coin made off the genocide of the orc race. Korthof also explains that the studio is working on two new titles but, obviously, he doesn't explain what those are. That's fine by us, because we need more time to get five skulls on every Orcs Must Die map anyway.

You can find the pertinent info right around the 34-minute mark of the episode; DLC discussion takes place around 44 minutes in.

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