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Pocket Legends launches the Mount Fang expansion

Eliot Lefebvre

It's time for another update for one of the first MMOs on the go, Pocket Legends. Mount Fang, the latest expansion, brings with it an increase in the level cap to 66 as well as a reduction in the experience curve across the board. If you're at the level cap, you can shoot for the next tier, but the reduction in the curve ensures that players at any level can benefit from the update.

There's more to the update than just leveling, however; players will be given access to a new free campaign, Mount Fang, that starts at level 59 and provides new monsters, quests, and rewards. And of course, there are new vanity items in the cash shop as well as a special set of cosmetic armor for players who hit 66 before the next cap adjustment. If you've been enjoying the game on your mobile device of choice, download the expansion and get into the mix.

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