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Week of the Templars storms The Secret World


Moving away from the Far East machinations of the Dragon faction, The Secret World is instead heading to the refined, cultured setting of the UK as it shines a spotlight on the Templar faction for an entire week.

The Templars are perhaps the most famous of The Secret World's three factions, with historical roots in the Crusades starting in the 12th century. While they may not maintain a low profile, the Templars do keep a tight lid on the inner workings of this secret society. Senior Producer Ragnar Tørnquist describes the organization succinctly: "Uncompromising and fiercely brutal, the Templars is an organization with a single goal: to eradicate evil no matter how long it takes them. This is a great opportunity to shed some light on this secret society."

The Week of the Templars will cover the range of artwork, videos, and interviews. To kick it off, Funcom has released six new screenshots of the Templars, including the group's base of operations and agents in action. You can take a look at them all in the gallery below.

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