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Bounty Hounds Online closed beta featuring new content

Jef Reahard

Bounty Hounds Online is talking up its AAA characteristics in the latest press release from Wicked Interactive. According to the blurb, the sci-fi MMORPG "brings triple-A quality to the free-to-play genre" and allows players to choose from five different mercenary class types while directing their avatars through "multiple worlds and environments."

Beginning today, Wicked is rolling out a substantial update to the title's closed beta client. The new content includes five high-level Cambria group instances. There are also new missions and events on tap including objectives in the Wastelands that give both stat and skill point reset items. Finally, earned character titles now unlock unique stat-boost accessories, and XP requirements have been adjusted "so you'll spend less time grinding."

Sound interesting? Head to the official Bounty Hounds website to learn more.

[Source: Wicked Interactive press release]

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