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New video diary outlines designing comic series for Champions Online

Eliot Lefebvre

The second comic series for Champions Online is just around the corner, but before it launches, the team at Cryptic Studios has a few things to say about the design of these missions. After all, the comic series work a bit differently from normal missions or even the older adventure packs -- it's designed to feel more like a short arc for a comic book. In a new video diary, the team explores not only how the arcs are put together but some of what players can expect from the second series.

As players of the game are no doubt familiar with, the comic series place a heavy emphasis on keeping the trappings of a comic book alive, which was one of the major goals in designing the arcs. Whiteout, the second arc, will see players encountering a new alien threat in the north, one that comes crashing down around players' ears. You can watch the full video just past the break.

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