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War of the Immortals shows off class preview trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

After yesterday's launch of the closed beta for War of the Immortals, the development team is trying to help ramp up enthusiasm for the title. So the team has kicked things off with a new class preview trailer, showing players the various classes available for play in the action-focused MMO as well as what each one looks like in high-level combat.

Players can choose between Berzerker (melee DPS), Champion (tank), Duelist (melee DPS), Enchantress (support), Heretic (healer), Magus (ranged DPS), Ranger (ranged DPS), and Slayer (melee DPS). The Ranger, Enchantress, and Duelist are all new additions compared to the game's obvious predecessor, Battle of the Immortals, bringing in a more support-oriented set of abilities to battle. Take a look at the full preview of the classes and their abilities just after the break, and if the gameplay looks interesting to you, look on the horizon for more information on the beta.

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release]

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