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Fallen Earth partners with MAINGEAR for Play2Win contest


Are you in the market for a spankin'-new gaming rig? Of course you are. Well, GamersFirst wants to help you out. The company has partnered with MAINGEAR to run a contest that will reward one lucky winner with a shiny new MAINGEAR F131 gaming PC. But there's a catch, of course. In order to win the custom Fallen Earth computer, players must venture into the wastelands of Fallen Earth to collect MAINGEAR computer parts from unique resource nodes scattered about the world. Whoever has the most parts when the contest ends on December 14th will be declared the winner. Head over to MAINGEAR's website for the full contest rules, and then sign up to play at the Fallen Earth official site and get to scavengin'.

[Source: GamersFirst press release]

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