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PETA targets Mario, we challenge the facts

Justin McElroy

Look, we like seeing an organization desperately flailing in an ill-fated attempt at relevance as much as the next site, but this time PETA has gone too far. The organization has created Mario Kills Tanooki, a 2D platformer that has a skinned tanuki (or raccoon dog, if you prefer) trying to retrieve its outer layer from a flying, blood-spattered Mario.

Taking a swipe at the world's favorite plumber is pretty low, but it's worse in this case because PETA is blatantly lying. As everyone knows from reading the Nintendo Comics System (specifically the "Tanooki Suits Me" story from the Super Mario Bros. line) the Tanooki suit was hand-crafted by a tailor named Tanooki rather than any animal the material was lifted from.

Mario's not an animal abuser, PETA. He's a furry. And for the record, when you manage to make even NMA look sane, you know something's wrong.

For the record, yes, this is a grab for attention and we're making it rain eyeballs. But this is Mario we're talking about. We'd hope that when we're inevitably targeted by a crazy group, you'd leap to our defense too.

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