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Scarlet Legacy raises level cap, adds new dungeons and crafting recipes

Jef Reahard

GamesCampus is raising the level cap on its Scarlet Legacy MMO, and players can now strive for level 55 while toodling around the martial arts title's fantastical setting.

The game's latest content update also boasts 35 new skills, a new story quest line, and more than 400 new items (including epic gear that is designed to do away with cookie-cutter avatars). GamesCampus has also added more than 130 new crafting recipes and several new maps. Windy Cliff and Windy Valley are designed for players between levels 51 and 55, and the new Altar of Wind dungeon is ideal for folks between 47 and 50. More info, as well as the client download, is available via the official Scarlet Legacy website.

[Source: GamesCampus press release]

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