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Huawei Honor shipping in December to select markets

Brad Molen

Next month may be a long December, but we've got reason to believe that this year will be better than the last -- if you've been digging the scoop on the Huawei Honor, anyways. The device, with its colorful assortment of six different hues, will be ready for an official release in the twelfth month to China, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, with other markets following later (there's no word on when the Honor will arrive on Cricket as the Glory). We've known for quite some time that it was coming this quarter, and we already know the specs: Huawei's new darling will come running Android 2.3.5 underneath a proprietary skin, be powered by a 1.4GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM, and offers a 4-inch FWVGA (854 x 480) display, 8MP rear camera with a 2MP front-facing cam and a power-packed 1,900mAh battery. Happy holidays indeed. Read on below for the press release.

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Shenzhen, 17 November 2011: Huawei, a leading global information and communications
technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announced that Huawei Honor will begin shipping in
December to selected markets with an enhanced Huawei-customized Android 2.3.5 user
interface (UI). The Huawei Android Platform 5.1 (HAP 5.1) is more intuitive, provides greater
personalization capabilities and includes pre-loaded applications that increase data and privacy
protection. Consumers can also look forward to pairing up with an Honor that matches their
lifestyle as the smartphone powerhouse now comes in Glossy Black, Textured Black, Elegant
White, Vibrant Yellow, Cherry Blossom Pink and Burgundy (specific color availability may differ
between markets). Honor will be available in Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia Japan
and China from December, with other markets to follow.

HAP 5.1 – Optimizing the user experience

Visually: Honor's enhanced UI features exclusive icons and widgets. Music lovers will now
see their favorite tracks accompanied by vivid 3D transitions.

Smartly: Huawei All-Backup allows users to backup and restore data including contacts,
messages, call logs and settings, as well as third-party applications to / from Honor's SD
card. Honor's Smart Data Traffic Manager enables better management and overview
of the phone's data usage.

Conveniently: The HAP 5.1 enables you to view the social media newsfeed of your contacts
in one consolidated view, instead of accessing each social media channel separately. The
enhanced UI also allows you to close all running applications in one touch and an
automatic dialing function. The HAP 5.1 also includes a File Manager that enables you to
manage and access your files easily.

Securely: Huawei Guard scans and eliminates viruses, blocks calls and messages when
needed and password-protects private content such as contacts, messages and call logs.

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