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NintendoWare Weekly: Kirby's Adventure


Nintendo delivers another kind of remastered classic, with 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure. It's much less "remastered" looking than earlier 3D Classics -- it's windowed, and has all the UI on the top screen with the gameplay. On the other hand: Kirby's Adventure!

This week, WiiWare offers Pinocchio-themed jigsaw puzzles, and DSiWare offers a Chinese language learning game and a thrilling, chilling game about being stuck in a convenience store. Do you dare enter the convenience store of mystery?

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  • Pinocchio's Puzzle (EnjoyUp Games, 1-4 players, 500 Wii Points): Jigsaw puzzles tell the story of Pinocchio.
3DS eShop DSiWare
  • Escape Trick: Convenience Store (INTENSE, 1 player, $4.99/500 DSi Points): A "locked room" mystery in which you're trapped in a convenience store. How long before you stop leaving money on the counter for the stuff you eat? (You should also try to escape.)
  • Play and Learn Chinese (Selectsoft, 1 player, $7.99/800 DSi Points): Learn over 700 words and phrases in Mandarin, with lots of visual cues.

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