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Blossom Minds teases 'Walter,' a platformer starring ... liquid?!


Indie studio Blossom Minds has ecology on the brain with its new game, "Walter." The titular protagonist appears to be composed of two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen and a pair of eager-looking eyeballs. Walter's "uneven fight against an evil oil company" takes the form of a vibrant platformer.

No further details have been announced, but we do know that Blossom Minds is targeting PSN, XBLA and Steam for its games. "It's a technically advanced game and can only be done on those platforms," studio co-founder Jérôme Braune told us in July. "We are not making games for phones or Facebook. Nothing can beat the feeling of having a gamepad in hand." Hey, that didn't stop us from befriending a courageous dolphin in EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus, did it?

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