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Desert Bus auction items will haunt your dreams and your wallet


You might have been under the impression that Desert Bus for Hope was all about torturing the members of Loading Ready Run, but that's not all. It is also, as we have discovered, about auctioning off some incredibly cool – and incredibly nerdy – stuff. You want a plush Zergling? Sure. Custom made Desert Bus choose-your-own-adventure books? Of course. Gorgeous poster of Portal's Chell in the style of Art Nouveau? The image above tells you all you need to know.

And, as we learned on last week's episode of the Joystiq Show, they even have copies of Daikatana signed by John Romero himself. The auctions should start going live once the Desert Bus marathon gets rolling today, so keep an eye on the auction page if you want to snag some of this great stuff, the proceeds of which all go to Child's Play.

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