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EverQuest II videos show off Freeport revisions and dungeon crafting

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you a fan of EverQuest II who wants to know more about what's on the horizon for the game but who doesn't want to take the time to read anything? Admittedly, your presence on this site makes a distaste of reading rather unlikely, but even so, you're in luck today. There are two new viewos covering future developments for the game, with both of them embedded just after the cut so you can watch them at your leisure.

The first (and far shorter) video covers the upcoming revisions to Freeport, showing off all of the changes coming to one of the game's most iconic cities. The second video is longer but also far meatier, covering the new Dungeon Maker system coming out with the Age of Discovery expansion. So head on past the break, settle in with a nice beverage, and enjoy a whole lot of information without having to scan a bunch of text.

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