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Video: Mass Effect 3 'N7 Collector's Edition' packed with bonus character, robotic canine


Not even BioWare's skilled scribes can insulate the Mass Effect universe from inappropriate procrastination. No matter the perils faced by the galaxy (in this case, it's about to be razed and strip-mined by a race of scary-voice sentient machines), players are likely to steer their avatars away from pressing matters in order to feed a kitty or buy some capsule toys. With that inevitability in mind, BioWare announced a while back that you can get a robotic doggy for your ship in Mass Effect 3. Now you can see it in the trailer above, snatched from Gamestop's website.

The artificial pet -- which you can probably pet, artificially -- is one of several cool bonuses included with the N7 Collector's Edition, and just one of a few you can play with when you're busy not saving civilizations from imminent eradication. The special package includes an N7 hoodie for Commander Shepard, alternate outfits for some of his squad, a Normandy avatar prop for Xbox Live, a fabric N7 patch, a 70-page art book, a fancy metal case, a digital soundtrack (by Clint Mansell), a lithographic print ...

Oh, and there's some important stuff too! The $80 admission fee nets you extra firepower, a currently "classified" bonus character, and a downloadable mission. Probably something about saving the world and whatnot.

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