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Massively Exclusive: Elsword reveals new Eve playable character

Jef Reahard

Elsword's ancient Nasod queen has awakened, and boy is she pissed. Eve is the side-scrolling manga title's newest playable character, and Massively's got your exclusive first-look video that shows her in action.

According to the clip, Eve is bent on avenging her kingdom's destruction and restoring its former glory. To do so, she relies on player-controlled robotic guardian troops and a couple of seductively titled job classes. Though we don't rightly know what exactly Code Exotic: Mistress of Destruction or Code Architecture: Master of Guardian Nasods means, they sure do sound cool.

We do know that Eve is coming out on November 23rd, so you've got just under a week to go until you're able to unleash her particular brand of melee whoop-ass on Elsword's various mobs. Don't forget to watch the vid after the break.

[Source: Kill3rCombo press release]

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