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Nintendo GameCube turns ten years dead, still in denial about the whole color purple thing


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For many hardcore gamers, it wasn't so hard to say goodbye to the Big N's purple box of yesteryear. But for those of us who stuck by Nintendo's side in 2001 and embraced the quirky StarCube GameCube, today's 10th anniversary is all too bittersweet. Sure, the house that Mario built may have misfired when it slapped the wrong coat of paint on an otherwise competent chunk of hardware, yet let us not overlook the legacy of top-tier, first-party titles that led us bleary-eyed into the wee hours of the morning. Who could forget that first mischievous sacrifice, when you willfully slung a gaggle of Pikmin into the eager mouth of a Bulbor? Or the time you thought your TV was possessed when those insanity effects from Eternal Darkness kicked in? Surely, we have this sixth generation console to thank for Samus Aran's second act. So, the next time you gaze upon your dust-collecting Wii, think admirably of the machine that came before it. Think appreciatively of the machine that lives still inside it.

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