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The New York Times goes one-on-one with Walter Isaacson


It's turn-the-table time, and the man who spent the last several years interviewing people for his Steve Jobs biography is now being interviewed by the New York Times.

As expected, the interview focuses on Isaacson's book and the time he spent with Steve Jobs. In his conversation with New York Times reporter Nick Bilton, Isaacson said that in his latter years Jobs was interested in transforming television, textbooks and photography. Isaacson said he didn't include these details in the book because it wasn't fair to Apple.

Besides information about Apple and book writing, Isaacson talks about how Jobs was both a hippie misfit and a shrewd businessman. Contrary to popular belief, Isaacson also explains that Steve Jobs was not a jerk. The interview gives us some additional insight into Isaacson's biography and is a worthwhile read, so grab a cup of coffee and head over to the New York Times website.

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