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Breakfast Topic: Pilgrim's Bounty

Alex Ziebart

Pilgrim's Bounty kicked off on live realms this morning, and it'll be running until Nov. 26. If you're the sort of person who adores achievements, this event is for you: shootin' turkeys, cooking them, and then abusing your dinner in a glorious food fight. If you're into that kind of thing, boy do we have a guide for you.

If you're not into achievements? As mentioned in a recent edition of The Queue, there isn't a whole lot to do beyond leveling your cooking skill quickly and easily across all of your alts. I think that's pretty cool, though. Leveling cooking can be tedious at the low end of things, especially if you don't bolster your cooking skill with fishing.

What are your plans for Pilgrim's Bounty? Will you dig into the achievements? Content yourself with leveling your cooking skill? Heck, is your guild organizing an event of some sort? Or will you skip this one altogether, due to the lack of sweet, sweet epics?


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