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Galaxy Tab gets a taste of Kindle Fire, but things aren't all silky smooth


Did you jump on the bandwagon when the tablet craze hit by getting an original Galaxy Tab, but now you feel a tinge of jealousy seeing the more modern UIs on newer slates? Well, you can rid yourself of that envious feeling by loading the Kindle Fire's software onto that old Tab of yours. Giga OM did the deed, giving us an overview of the process -- it's mainly a matter of extracting the code from Amazon's slate and installing it on Sammy's -- along with its results. Turns out, the Tab doesn't have all of the Fire's functionality, though the basic bookshelf interface (which is akin to an app launcher), video app, books, and magazines are all available along with the Fire's custom Amazon Store. Unfortunately, the Silk browser has yet to be enabled, and the UI still crashes on the regular, but teaching an old dog new tricks isn't easy, okay? Head on down to the Source for the full rundown, and there's even more details at XDA-Developers for those daring enough to do this bit of software switcharoo themselves.

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